The Netherlands shows what the future of farming could look like

This Tiny Country Feeds the World

Almost two decades ago, the Dutch made a national commitment to sustainable agriculture under the challenge "Twice as much food using half as many resources". The Netherlands is the world´s number two exporter of food as measured by value, despite of being such a small country! How is this possible?

Since 2000, many farmers have reduced dependence on water for key crops by as much as 90 percent.They’ve almost completely eliminated the use of chemical pesticides on plants in greenhouses, and since 2009 Dutch poultry and livestock producers have cut their use of antibiotics by as much as 60 percent. 

More than half of the Dutch land area is used for agriculture and horticulture with extraordinary greenhouse complexes. These climate-controlled farms enable the Netherlands to be a global leader in the exports of tomato, potatoes, onions and vegetable seeds. There is a strong understanding that the planet must produce "more food in the next four decades than all farmers in history have harvested over the past 80.000 years." National Geographic provides an interesting article about how the future of farming could look like, inspired by the course of events in this industry in the Netherlands. Read on here

Source: National Geographic