"What does our logo mean?" asked Ana, our intern. "Why don't you share it on your webpage?" Well observed! Our logo is a tulip with the colors of both the Portuguese and the Dutch flags, made a few years ago by our interns. As Ana had this doubt, more people might had question it as well, so we decided to explain the story to you!

In the light of Portugal's admission to the EU in 1986, some Dutch companies and the Dutch Ministry of Economics felt it was a good idea to set up a non-profit member organisation that would help promote business relationships between Portugal and the Netherlands. Hence, the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce was called to life with the mission to connect Portuguese and Dutch entrepreneurs in a valuable and sustainable way.

Every day new entrepreneurs register as new members to become part of our valuable network.

Our team Board Members

Marjon van Dinther


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing".

Marjon has been the Director of the Chamber since 1998 and was responsible for the successful development and strategy changes turning a subsidized association into a sustainable private organization. She navigates different Portuguese and Dutch companies into new markets and has a broad business network to rely on. 

Marjon started her career in Amsterdam as a business analyst at a financial holding of several large international insurance companies called Eureko (part of Achmea), after finishing her Economics Msc degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1992, part of which took place at London School of Economics. Marjon also holds a LL.M degree from Oxford and Ghent University.

She was recruited by the Portuguese partner, Millenniumbcp bank, and worked in the insurance company of the group - Ocidental Seguros - for 3 years (marketing, planning & development, CRM).

From 2007/2009 Marjon worked as part time assessor of the Board of Barclays Portugal.

Marjon currently also teaches International Management (CEMS MIM) students at Nova University. Areas of interest: social entrepreneurship and technology, behavioural economics/finance, management & organisation, winning mindset.

Contact: mvdinther@ccph.pt

Jearina Imanse

Project Manager

"Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen"

Jearina is graduated in International Business by ISCAL. She was born in the Netherlands, but after spending half of her life in Portugal she feels completely Portuguese. Jearina has a passion for business and marketing and has experience in teaching, digital marketing and healthcare. She likes to make connections and to explore new business oportunities.

Nicole Alvarez

Business Management Trainee

“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.”

Nicole is an international relations graduate with experience across a variety of sectors ranging from non-profit work, communications, to consulting. Originally from Los Angeles, California, and though not Portuguese by blood, she considers herself a "Portuguesa do coração." Nicole has a passion for cross-cultural diplomacy and looks forward to bridging the gap between Portuguese and Dutch business relations during her time with the Chamber of Commerce.

Thomas A. Hall de Beuvink

Liaison Officer

Thomas A. Hall de Beuvink is a Dutch entrepreneur, who studied law and industrial engineering in Germany and settled down in Portugal in 2012. As from 15th of June 2021Thomas acts as Liaison officer of the Chamber of Commerce for special projects. The celebrations of our 35st Anniversary will be next on his list.

Thomas is the founder and CEO of BC | BEUVINK CONSULTING: an independent consultancy and expert office for family office management, real estate solutions and valuation and economic diplomacy, including project development, art & asset management, event organization and tourism; the discrete partner for representation & special envoy services, fundraising and charity support; a door-opener specialized in clients of German, Dutch, English and Portuguese language, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

David Carvalho Martins

Liaison Officer

Don’t React, Act

David Carvalho Martins is a lawyer with offices in Lisbon and in The Algarve, Loulé, with more than 15 years of experience, chiefly focused on labour law. He is also guest lecturer at the University of Lisbon – Faculty of Law and at the Universidade Europeia and is a PhD candidate. 

David has several publications in Portugal and abroad, is an invited speaker at conferences and seminars, promoted by national and foreign organizations and manages a Blog named “Direito Criativo” (https://direitocriativo.com) to disclose information about labour law.

He is member of the Portuguese BAR association, founding member and President of AJJ – Young Labour Lawyers Association and a member of the board of APODIT (Associação Portuguesa de Direito do Trabalho), but also member of AEDTSS (Asociación Española de Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social), of ILERA (International Labour and Employment Relations Association), of EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association) and of CIELO Laboral.

David is a member of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and since January 2021 liaison offer of the Chamber for The Algarve region together with Joana Neto Mestre from the law firm MATLAW.

Joana Neto Mestre

Liaison Officer

Think Big, Act Small

Joana Neto Mestre is a Portuguese Lawyer, graduated in Law and Post-graduated in Civil and Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Negotiation and Accounting for law practitioners by the University of Lisbon.

She is a Member of the Portuguese BAR Association and her practice is focused on Contractual and Commercial Law, Asset Taxation, Litigation and Arbitration in the field of real estate investment.

Joana is managing partner of MATLAW - a law firm focused on legal advisory for real estate investment projects with offices in Lisbon and in The Algarve, and member of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Since January 2021 Joana is liaison officer of the Chamber for The Algarve region together with David Carvalho Martins from DCM Lawyers.

Frans Spijker

Liaison Officer

"Use our platform to get connected"

Frans is a Dutch engineer from origine, who has had a longstanding successful career with Shell. After 13 positions in 9 countries, he felt it was time to settle down in Portugal. Since 2013, he is the liaison officer in the Algarve for the Chamber.

Frans started his own consultancy to help small and medium size businesses improve their performance and joined the Chamber as a member in 2011, when he needed assistance in understanding the market to set up his advisory firm. In 2013 the Chamber approached Frans to act as a liaison officer in the Algarve for the Chamber. Since then Frans has played an important role in organizing local business events, supporting members in the Algarve finding relevant and practical business solutions and introducing them to the right people.