"What does our logo mean?" asked Ana, our intern. "Why don't you share it on your webpage?" Well observed! Our logo is a tulip with the colors of both the Portuguese and the Dutch flags, made a few years ago by our interns. As Ana had this doubt, more people might had question it as well, so we decided to explain the story to you!

In the light of Portugal's admission to the EU in 1986, some Dutch companies and the Dutch Ministry of Economics felt it was a good idea to set up a non-profit member organisation that would help promote business relationships between Portugal and the Netherlands. Hence, the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce was called to life with the mission to connect Portuguese and Dutch entrepreneurs in a valuable and sustainable way.

Every day new entrepreneurs register as new members to become part of our valuable network.

Our team Board Members

Marjon van Dinther


Marjon has been the Director of the Chamber since 1998 and was responsible for the successful development and strategy changes turning a subsidized association into a sustainable private organization. She navigates different Portuguese and Dutch companies into new markets and has a broad business network to rely on. 

Marjon started her career in Amsterdam as a business analyst at a financial holding of several large international insurance companies called Eureko (part of Achmea), after finishing her Economics Msc degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1992, part of which took place at London School of Economics. Marjon also holds a LL.M degree from Oxford and Ghent University.

She was recruited by the Portuguese partner, Millenniumbcp bank, and worked in the insurance company of the group - Ocidental Seguros - for 3 years (marketing, planning & development, CRM).

From 2007/2009 Marjon worked as part time assessor of the Board of Barclays Portugal.

Marjon currently also teaches International Management (CEMS MIM) students at Nova University. Areas of interest: social entrepreneurship and technology, behavioural economics/finance, management & organisation, winning mindset.

Contact: mvdinther@ccph.pt

António Varela Cid

Business Consultant

António holds a Master's degree in International Relations, specializing in Global Political Economy, from Leiden University. Born and raised in Lisbon, he has a diverse academic and professional background that spans international relations, event coordination, and research assistance. 

In joining CCPH, António is poised to blend his international experience, analytical skills, and proactive approach, fostering connections and exploring new business opportunities in the dynamic landscape of Dutch-Portuguese relations.

António joined the team as from 01-01-2024

Leonor Barreiros Cardoso

Business Management Trainee

Born and raised in Cascais, Leonor has most recently lived in South Africa and Spain.

While in South Africa, she did and internship in the Portuguese Embassy in Pretoria. In Spain, more specifically in Madrid, Leonor took her Master Degree in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations in 2023 and had the opportunity to work in Vialto, as a Tax and Immigration Trainee.

Leonor joined the Chamber team in 01.03.2024. 

Martelle Bertens

Business Support Coordinator

Martelle Bertens joined the team of the Chamber in 01.01.2024 and is responsible for administrative and accounting tasks. Martelle studied law in the Netherlands.

Martelle is also the Chairwoman of the Dutch Association in Lisbon (since 2016) and has been living in Portugal since 1995. 

Yvonne Hollander

Groups Assistant

Yvonne Hollander lives in Portugal since 2007. She worked for Dutch Royal Airline company KLM for 34 years as flight attendant and crew leader.


At present, she also is a board member of the Dutch Association of Lisbon. Yvonne will help the Chamber in guiding professional groups that visit Lisbon, as part of the Chamber's activity program.