Land of 17HA with approved project for rural tourism with 96 beds

Maio, 2022

Tourism project is approved and ready for construction on a plot of 17HA within walking distance of São Marcos da Serra and only half an hour from Albufeira and the beach.

Approval has been obtained for a detached hotel and swimming pool (4-star quality) with a total area of 9 936 m2 and a total construction area of 2 391 m2.
The project is composed of 25 modules, of which one module is destined for common areas and services, with a swimming pool, and 24 modules are destined for detached houses with two bedrooms, one of which has conditions to be used by disabled people.
The access to the plot is excellent, with tarmac up to the land entrance. There is mains water and electricity available at the entrance of the plot.

Besides the approved project, approval has been requested for a project for a camping and campervan park. The application for this license is still ongoing.
According to the information obtained through a PIP, there is the potential to make a 2nd phase of the project with the following possibilities:
- Add more building concentration area with a maximum of 1.7 HA (being the maximum 10% of the land area)
- Add more houses: the maximum would be 12 beds per HA, a maximum of 204 beds in case of using the entire land.
- Add an area to make a habitation for own and permanent use, construction of 500 m2 is possible.

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