Boat Trip Leão Holandês | MEMBERS ONLY

05 Jul 2018

- by invitation only

Every year the Chamber organizes its annual boat trip on the Tagus River for all its members. There is nothing better when summer starts than a refreshing boat trip! This year is going to be even more fun as we will have live music on board and airplane tickets to raffle...

This is our way to say thank you for being part of our community and network !


There is probably no other member of ours that doesn't know Gesink Naútico, the company owning the beautiful schooner Leão Holandês and the typical Dutch river clipper Westenwind. Every year Dirk and Heleen kindly host a trip on the Tagus river for our members on the Leão Holandês, so many already had the chance to at least participate once in these wonderful outings. Both the Leão Holandês and the Westenwind are docked in Lisbon and host groups for trips on the river, be it for some hours or for some days. 

On board we will have a splendid scenery for informal gatherings and it is the ideal atmosphere to meet up with other Members you already know or who you still would like to get to know. Cool drinks by Central Cervejas will be served and some great canapes will be provided by our member Ana Borba catering (Pestanaga restaurant). This year we are pleased to also count on our member Sérgio Neves from Neves Insurance who - besides working in insurance - is also part of a band together with Portuguese singer Helena.

Personal invitations will be send and the number of places is legally limited to 75. As we would like to give all members an opportunity to participate, we only provide one voucher per company. Extra guests will need to pay a fee of 50€+ VAT.

We would like to thank the following members for supporting this wonderful event:
Gesink Turismo Náutico; Central Cervejas; Ana Borba Catering; Neves Insurance


Our sponsor Transavia will raffle two flight tickets for any Transavia destinations