Idea Café | Meet Fellow Members online

04 Junho, 2020

Next 4th of June we are kicking off with a new initiative, called Idea Café, where we gather small groups of members to exchange ideas and support each other in the light of Covid-19. The session will take place at 14h30 (GMT) and last for one hour. The sector we focus on in this session will be IT.

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Participants will get the chance to briefly present themselves, their business and challenges. The other part of the moderated session will be spend on generating ideas for each of the participants. We hope that new contacts, best practices or experiences may contribute to help businesses of members get back on track. In any case, it will be a chance to meet inspiring people and who knows new business opportunities may arise.

The sessions are free for members.

Maximum number of participants is 10 per session.
Guests of members pay a fee of 17,50€+VAT


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  • Alexander Griekspoor
    Nucleobytes BV
  • André Ribeiro
    IG&H Platform Services, lda
  • Antonio Figueira
  • Gonçalo Glória
  • Kasper van der Knaap
    Koos Service Design
  • Mafalda Gomes
  • Nuno Prata
    N.Prata-Solutions Unipessoal LDA
  • Rodolfo Pereira
    Noesis Consulting NL
  • Stephanie