International Business Drink | PORTO

29 Novembro, 2023

Join us for this last International Business Drink of the year in the North in the beautiful Great Daisy restaurant of Pestana Hotel on the Douro Riverside next November 29th. Our liaison officer Paul van Rooij will be glad to receive you.

Time:   The event will be held between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm with entrepreneurs from several bilateral Chambers of Commerce
Venue: Bar The Great Daisy in Pestana Hotel Douro Riverside | Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto, nº60 , 4420-445 Valbom Gondomar
Fee:     Entrance is free, but registration below obligatory - this event is also open to non-members. (the number of participants is limited)

This informal drink is organized by CCILA in collaboration with the Dutch-Portuguese, Luso-British, Luso-Belgian-Luxembourg, Portugal-Hong Kong, Luso-Chinese, Chambers of Commerce and ANJE with the goal to provide networking opportunities between foreign and Portuguese professionals from the North, in an informal environment. 


  • Ana Maria Pereira
  • Isabel
    CIHA - Companhia Imobiliaria da Herdade da Aroeira
  • Maria
    Kipseli Data Experience
  • Nuno Ricardo Romão
    Pontual, Lda.
  • Prof Drs Marianne J Franzen
    Franzen Partners
  • Silvana Pires
  • Vitor Silva
    Qonqord Iberica