Investors afternoon | Amsterdam

26 Oct 2017

Portugal is currently in the interest of foreign investors worldwide. There are various opportunities for both project developers in real estate, but also in outsourcing of production. Why then Portugal specifically? Portugal has recently been named one of the safest countries in the world, through the Global Peace Index 2017. In addition, it has a well-trained population that is powerful in English. From the historical industrial past there are experienced professionals and professional training in metal, metalworking or chemical industry. On the "Ease of Doing Business" index of the World Bank, Portugal occupies 25th place leaving the Netherlands 28th place. So there are many other reasons to mention.

Our Portugal Connection day will start for a select public at 16:00 with presentations of Portuguese companies interested in exporting or attracting investors. We are honoured to count on the presence of Ambassador Mrs. Rosa Batoréu, who will open the session. Governmental organisation Baía do Tejo will explain to potential investors the opportunities that exist on the South bank of Lisbon. Not only vast and ambitious real estate opportunities are available in Almada, the Water City, but also industrial opportunities can be found in the region of Barreiro, Seixal and Almada, where outsourcing can take place for Dutch companies, be it in the chemical, metalmecanic industry, service industry or other. There is availablity of warehouses, office space and land with good infrastructural connections and all very close to the increasingly sought after capital of Lisbon. Have a look at this short introduction video here.

The second part of the event consists of a networking event that will be open to our members and friends and will start as from 17:30-20:30. Here you will encounter entrepreneurs and other people with a business interest in both countries. Come and taste some nice Portuguese food and drinks! In addition you can also meet musician Rafael Fraga who will bring his Portuguese guitar and demonstrate some of his music. In addition, there will be some tastings for wine, olive oil and coffee.

Our member company Koos Service Design will host 2 dynamic workshops for those who are interested in visual thinking, service design and innovation.

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Parking in Amsterdam is always a challenge. Fortunately, Hotel Casa has its own underground car park. If the garage unexpectedly fills up, there are ample opportunities to park in the street (in Amsterdam East). More info on the fees here.

Participation in Baía do Tejo event: by invitation only 

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