Monthly Impact Circle - Circular by Nature

12 Março, 2024

Circular BY DESIGN

 The second edition of the Impact Circle is coming, we are welcoming you March 12th at 12:00 (Portuguese time) to dive into the subject of impact and circularity. This edition focuses on being circular by nature, not just from a literal (product) point of view, but also more fundamentally, on how to make your impact ambitions part of the (legal) DNA of your company. Our two guest speakers will talk about purpose driven entrepreneurship. 
Our first speaker is Gijsbert Koren, one of the partners in We Are Stewards. Gijsbert will introduce the subject of purpose driven companies and give us inspiring examples of how to protect purpose from greed and money, and how to embed circularity into the nature of the company.
The second guest is Ion Volosciuc from the Portimão based companies Gribb Farm and Hyphae, which he has founded with his partner Claudia. Their ambition is to make pure natural products and do this in a fully circular way where they use “waste” as a resource and think about every step in the process.
12H00: Welcome
12H05: Kick off by Wouter Heijnen and Alex Griekspoor
12:10: Testimonial of Gijsbert Koren
12:30: Testimonial of Ion Volosciuc
12H50: Networking/brainstorming 
13H00: Ending
Interested to be one of the speakers in one of the upcoming sessions? Read more here

More information on our Impact Circle

In the second half of 2023, we started with our Impact Circle for members that have an interest in or focus on Sustainable Development in the broadest sense of the word, or those who want to know more about it. This Circle follows in the footsteps of the Digital Circle that was established in 2022 and has been running successfully ever since.

The activities are regular Teams meeting and every now and then an on-site meeting in Portugal or the Netherlands. The goal of this Impact Circle is to provide for a platform to promote business opportunities with a sustainable and innovative character.

We will invite different speakers and after every meeting there will be time for networking and connecting on a personal level. We hope the Impact Circle will inspire its participants and enhance their network. The meetings are open for every (aspirant) CCPH member to join. Should you be interested in getting invitations, or do you know somebody within your organization who might be interested, then please sign up for the Impact Circle via  We are super excited to start this initiative and hope to meet you soon in one of our sessions.

We are proud to announce that The Impact Circle will be run by two of our members:

Wouter Heijnen | Innovation advisor/ founder Circular Hub Algarve

Alex Griekspoor | / Boardmember CCPH


  • Alexander Griekspoor
    Nucleobytes BV
  • Alexander van Voorst tot Voorst
  • Anneloes Geldermans and Cindy Jernberg
  • Carla Kersten
    Carla Kersten - Accounting & Controlling support
  • Catarina Bastos
    Spinerg - Soluções para Energia SA
  • Elyse Heemskerk
    The Firefly Agency
  • Geert van der Velden
    GV Business Impact
  • Giancarlo Bonsel
    Connectrs // DAG Management
  • Hans Lodders
    QXote Unipessoal LDA
  • Jearina Imanse
    DDG Smart Marketing
  • Joris van Wijk
    Joris van Wijk
  • Karin Sligting
    Horizonte Gentil Investimentos Imobiliários lda
  • Liselore Ligtermoet
    DDG Smart Marketing
  • Marisa Monteiro Borsboom
  • Miguel Bos
    MaxiTrade & Consultoria Lda
  • Nick Dessens
  • Paul Dolleman
    Horticonsult Lda
  • Paul Keijzers
    KbWorks Europe LLC
  • Paul Van Rooij
    PVR Consult
  • Pieter Ijzerman
    ChaZeMo Lda
  • Rui Borges
    Self Business
  • Sofia Sousa
    Hotel InterContinental Lisbon
  • Susanna Coghlan
    Quidgest Consultores de Gestão
  • Wouter Heijnen
    Circular Hub Algarve
  • Yvonne Kubbinga
    Obras Technology