06 Feb 2018

Join us for our informal business drink, an event that is open to our members and friends and will start as from 18:00-20:00. Here you will encounter entrepreneurs and other people with a business interest in both countries. Participating is free, but subscription below is required (you just pay for your own consumptions).

For the guests who might want to eat afterwards, there is a possibilty to choose from a menu of 17€ p.p.:
Meat - Chicken saté with fried rice, Dutch saté sauce and fries
Fish - Fish pot from the canal with salad and fries
Vega / Vegan - Vegan smoked rye sausage with nuts, potato, vegetables and vegetable fries 

If you want to stay for dinner, please send your reservation to Eline Frijns:

hotel Casa AmsterdamEerste Ringdijkstraat 4 | Amsterdam

Parking in Amsterdam is always a challenge. Fortunately, Hotel Casa has its own underground car park. If the garage unexpectedly fills up, there are ample opportunities to park in the street (in Amsterdam East). More info on the fees here.

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