Portugal Connection New Year´s Drink

30 Janeiro, 2020

Join us for our informal business drink in the monumental and industrial location EVE in Tilburg to celebrate the beginning of 2020. This event is open to our members and friends. The drink will start as from 18:00-20:00. Participating is free, but subscription below is required (you just pay for your own consumptions). The event is also open for TIAS MMO alumni.

Burgemeester Stekelenburgplein 208
5041 SC - Tilburg
Tel: 013 300 2321

Railway enthusiasts probably don’t need to be told about this grand café, brasserie and restaurant, since EVE is a must-visit for everyone with a love of trains. Located in the historic ‘Polygonal Shed’ and with the authentic former train swing bridge as a terrace, this is also a fine example of how former industrial structures in the Tilburg Railway Zone are being transformed into stylish and unusual contemporary establishments. What’s more, by visiting EVE – which stands for Eten voor Eten (“Eating for Eating”) – you’re contributing to the World Food Programme of the UNHCR, to which a share of the profits is donated.

For those who would like to stay for dinner, please click here to reserve and see for more information the menus. More information on how to reach the restaurant here.


Photos will be taken during the event that may be published on the website and social networks of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. In case of any inconvenience, please let us know in advance.


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  • Brigitte duffhues
  • Cindy van Herk
    Language Institute Regina Coeli
  • Claudine Kusse
  • Dianne Neefs
  • Ellen van Dam
    Cornelder Holding B.V.
  • Esther van der Kamp
  • Fulco Geerlofs
    Avans Hogeschool
  • Inês de Mascarenhas Grade
    Technificient Tue
  • J.H.Modderaar
  • João Mena de Matos
    Mena Holding
  • Joke Van Dijk
    Van Dijk Water Management BV
  • Marisa Monteiro Borsboom
    MQM legal
  • Mr. Martin A. Poelman
  • Paulo Marques Morgado
  • Peter Eiff
    Lusocargo Holland b.v.
  • Pieter Louwers
  • Rosario Marques
    Câmara de Comércio Luso-Colombiana
  • Ton Huisman