A visit to Castelo Ventoso, a project development by our member Nora Green Consulting

Maio, 2023

Last Friday, Marjon van Dinther visited Castelo Ventoso, a rural development project undertaken by our member, Nora Green Consulting. She was warmly received by our longstanding member Herman van Beuningen and visited the project of his son Hein, daughter-in-law Victorien and their business partners. Marjon was impressed with the restoration work they had managed to do over the past 3 years. It involved the recovery of a 16th century Jesuit monastery, and in which architect Tomás Ramos was able to preserve the historical architecture, while enfusing a contemporary style. The rural estate is just outside Évora, and immerses in the beautiful scenery of the Alentejo's hills, cork forests, vineyards and panoramic plains.

It is great to see young entrepreneurs undertaking these type of projects, while preserving the authentic and rural character of the place. It was obvious that a lot of sweat, tears and money have gone into it. Now comes the next challenge: making a return on the investment. For those that are interested: appartments in the building are for rent for short and long stays. And from experience we can say that it is reviving and energy restoring to pass some time here and adapt to the slower pace of living. Lots of activities can be done, including padel (new court was made next to the estate), wine tasting, horse riding, and for example guided tours in Roman and medieval provincial towns. You can reach out to Vicky for more information.

It was definetely a well-spent afternoon ! Thank you for the hospitality and opening your doors to us. Congratulations with the excellent result!