Across the Border: get to know our member Ruben Uppelschoten

Agosto, 2022

The history of Portugal is that of an old European country with highs and lows. Turbulent times and sad episodes alternated through periods of peace and stability. For centuries a kingdom, now again a republic for over a hundred years. A history as we know it from more countries. But one fact makes Portugal unique. Besides some territorial disputes with its large neighbor Spain, Portugal has had the same national borders for more than seven centuries. The Portuguese people I speak are very proud of A Raia, the longest and oldest uninterrupted border of Europe.

"On September 1st, Vasco Consult exists for five years. In the last couple of years, we have helped many companies to lift boundaries between departments. We have taught them to think out of the box and to reduce hierarchical differences. Connecting teams, connecting companies with their customers, and bringing together processes and IT; is what drives our company. In this sector, every boundary leads to discussion and unclear responsibilities, especially if they are built too much around departments rather than around end-to-end processes. To close a gap in our proposition - data skills - we have been active in Portugal since the beginning of this year. With a growing team, we help companies in the Netherlands with setting up reporting environments, data analyses, reports, and migrations. Every day the Dutch consultants work together with their Portuguese colleagues. They continuously learn from each other. The differences in communication, culture, and way of working must be seen as an enrichment. Be open to the other instead of wanting to change the other. To know each other you both have to cross the border.
As an entrepreneur, going international is an exciting step. You will have to deal with other procedures, laws, and taxes. The fear of making mistakes is big. I'm lucky that I have had good people around me who have helped me from day one: from the Chamber of Commerce to the Dutch Embassy; ​​from business partner Polarising to the strong teams in Portugal and the Netherlands. Thanks in part to them we made a good start.

Also personally I go across the border: Together with my family, I'm soon leaving for the South. We've been in love with Portugal for years and use the start of Vasco Portugal as a great opportunity to live, work and go to school in the Algarve for a few years. We notice as a family how much changes for us and how we have to engage in this adventure as a team. Hereby we will have to be flexible and must dare to adjust our patterns. A nice adventure that I will definitely come back to. Now that we are on the road for a few months, I think it's great to see how we serve our customers, serving with Portuguese-Dutch teams and putting our customers first. We respect the borders that have existed for so long, but we will cross them to make it simple together."

Interview "Over the Grenzen" (across borders) held with Ruben Uppelschoten

Founder & CEO of Vasco Consult

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