An inspiring meeting of our Núcleo Duro...

Outubro, 2021

This week we were pleased to host a pleasant meeting of our so-called Núcleo Duro that steers and guides the executive team of the Chamber. It is an engaged group that meets in general every two months and for the first time since long we had a live meeting that was kindly hosted by our member Hotel Intercontinental in Lisbon (thank you !).

Next to some of our usual group of Board members (Nuno Pinto Magalhães (Chairman of the Central Cervejas Foundation), Luís Newton (Chairman of Estrela Borough) and Maarten Drenth, Area General Manager IHG Portugal), as well as the director of the Chamber Marjon van Dinther and project manager Jearina Imanse, we were happy to count on our liaison officers Thomas Hall de Beuvink, lawyer and expert in real estate valuation | project development and tourism; and David Carvalho Martins, lawyer. We were also pleased to count on the presence of Esra Sen, Deputy Head of the Dutch Embassy.

After the overview of 2021, we discussed our strategic reposition for 2022 and upcoming years.

We identified the following focus points & challenges:

· Members are king - What can we do to keep them happy & engaged?

· Co-creation with board & members - How can we better involve our board & members?

· Collaboration Embassy - How can we strengthen the relationship between the Embassy and the Chamber?

· Cluster groups? Should we create Cluster Groups within our Network ? if Yes, which clusters should we focus on?

We understood that the 4 pillars of focus for the Embassy for next year are: Sustainability; Digitalization/Tech; Innovation and Water. These are areas in which Portugal and the Netherlands have a shared interest and could learn from each other and form a synergy in knowledge. In addition, the Embassy also looks at the national plan of the recovery fund for Portugal and the potential opportunities for Dutch collaboration. Collaboration between the teams of the Embassy and the Chamber will be further discussed to enhance synergy between both organizations.

With regard to the formation of clusters, people were very enthusiastic and a first cluster will be created in the area of HR/Talent.

Last but not least on the agenda was our 35th anniversary. Our liaison officer Thomas Hall de Beuvink will organize a black-tie gala dinner in the spring of 2022. Our liaison officer David Carvalho Martins in the Algarve will organize an Online event for the Algarve and other regions. More info will follow !

Feel free to contact us, if you would also like to be present at one of these meeting and to possibly contribute to the Chamber's activities. Thank you all for your support!