CEO's of our member companies in the news - Steven Braekeveldt | Ageas

Junho, 2020

With the national economy taking the first steps towards stabilization and a later, much awaited, recovery, it is important to hear the leaders of large companies about the future. We noticed that a number of CEO's within our network appeared in the news, so we thought it interesting to share their vision.


Still with the unexpected covid-19 pandemic in the background, Executive Digest asked the leaders: What has changed in your company and what are the next steps / challenges to overcome in the ‘new normal’?


Steven Breakeveldt, CEO Grupo Ageas Portugal stresses that one of the greatest future challenges for the Group in Portugal, as well as for many other companies “will be to analyze what has happened during these months, how it affected the efficiency and happiness of the employees versus the corporate culture. This was a period in which we were physically all apart and more distant than ever. The organizational culture took on a leading role in ensuring the physical and mental well-being of everyone and ensuring the connection with the company” 


In this context, Steven Breakeveldt also notes a challenge for everyone, “and what we publicly assume is to continue to ensure that we have a positive, lasting and sustainable social impact. These new habits have to be part of exactly a 'new normality', that is, they have to continue".


"And the attention and care for the most vulnerable people may disappear from the highlights of the newspapers, but they have to remain with us as a society" he also cautioned.

Read the original interview in Portuguese here.

Source: Executive Digest