Chamber's Diary

Maio, 2019

Our member Erik Lassche, CEO and founder of one of Portugal’s largest digital marketing companies told me the other day it is time to change our way of communicating…not an easy task, but I will give it a try and I hope you like it (please let me know). Let us just take you through some of the activities that took place last week.

It was hectic, but fun. Not only are we looking at candidates to strengthen our small team, but we also received some new members that inspire us. Take the example of Magda Jamal, one of those few women in tech. She joined a start-up in the Netherlands at the age of 24, leaving Portugal in 2008 with a couple of bucks and a suitcase full of dreams…and now she is developing, recruiting and expand her IT and hardware company SUN EVO to empower countries in Africa and South America. Read more on this inspiring entrepreneur and her growing company here.

I also spent some time helping a large engineering company from Maia getting a so-called 
NEN4400 license and ensure the registration of their company in the Netherlands with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, our enthusiastic intern Diogo is developing new ways of communication, and hopefully you have seen us on Linkedin, facebook or Instagram with initiatives as Chamber Talks and Flash Interview of the Month. If you would also like to be put in the spotlight, please let us know !

As you may imagine it is not always an easy task to organize events that contribute to the activity of our members, as you are many (over 220) and all with different needs, interests and locations. So, we try to diversify the activities to ensure you have something to choose from. If you are interested in the development of the new Lisbon airport, please join us for breakfast with the Chairman of ANA Airports on the 22nd of May. On a more sportive note, we hope you will come and cheer at our event in Lisbon for the UEFA match on 6th of June between Holland and England. Contact us for more info.