Chamber's Diary

Fevereiro, 2021

This Chamber’s Diary is sent to members of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce


"Sitting in my apartment downtown Lisbon during this lockdown period, I cannot help a feeling of “saudades” of my home country when I see the beautiful blanket of snow that is covering the Netherlands right now. Many Dutch people are anxiously awaiting if conditions are going to permit the famous Elfstedentocht, a skating tour of almost 200 kilometers via canals, lakes and 11 towns in Friesland. It would be a rare occasion…but even if the weather allows, will lockdown restrictions be partially lifted?

Anyway, it is a good time to pause and rethink 2020. Fortunate exceptions aside, it has been a difficult past year for many of our members, as we all know. We were, however, pleasantly surprised that many new members joined us in 2020 to make use of the value of a great network in these difficult times. Welcome!

Last week, we held our New Year’s drink with an opening speech of our Ambassador Nienke Trooster and Chairman Nuno Pinto de Magalhães. The occasion provided also for a solemn moment to reflect on the sad news of the passing away of our beloved member Dirk Gesink, owner of the clipper Leão Holandês. Click here for the “in memoriam” and you can sign the condolence register if you want.

Member in the World News

Did you pick up the news around the world first passenger flight performed with sustainable synthetic kerosene? Last month, the first commercial passenger flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Madrid was carried out by our member KLM on an admixture of 500 liters of sustainable synthetic kerosene. Shell produced the synthetic kerosene in its research center in Amsterdam based on CO2, water and renewable energy from sun and wind from Dutch soil. Congratulations KLM & partners! Read more here.

Upcoming events

Next 25 of February, the first of a series of events called “Community in the Spotlight” will take place. This time 6 entrepreneurs will get the chance to shortly present themselves and their business. Idea is for members to meet and connect, meanwhile helping a fellow member. This may be an excellent chance for you to build your network and establish potential new partnerships. The event is free and for members only. Subscribe here.

On the 11th of March, another Idea Café session will take place for entrepreneurs in the Tourism and Hotel industry in collaboration with NCA (Dutch Association in the Algarve). Read more here.

Hope to see you soon!

Best, Marjon van Dinther"