Dutch Business school TIAS visits Portugal !

Novembro, 2019

This week a large group of business school students from TIAS are in Portugal for an inspiring study trip on Management & Organization topics.

We started the week with an interactive kickoff by Marjon van Dinther of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce on Portugal: economic, historic and cultural developments, followed by an animated and interesting morning with 4 Dutch entrepreneurs, members of the Chamber that have spend already quite some time in Portugal doing business. We were pleased to count on Herman en Victorien van Beuningen of Noragreen, IT developer Alex Griekspoor and Michiel Schwartz of Carvalho Negro investments. Thank you for you inspiring stories and insights.

The afternoon was filled with dynamic break-out sessions with start-ups working in areas such as augmented reality, gaming and AI.

On Tuesday and Wednesday intensive case studies and workshops take place with respective Portuguese counterparts, which have been prepared in the past 6 months based on the theories and modules these Master of Management & Organizarion learned in class. Both students and their organisations have shown great dedication and great bonds have been created among them.

We are very grateful we could count on the support of the following organizations:

-our member Carvalho Negro
-Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
-Fractal mind
-Incubator for creative start ups Centro de Inovação de Mouraria
-In life
-Le Wagon
-our member Mekentosj
-our member Mazars
-Mezze | Associação Pão a Pão
-Next Reality
-our member Noesis
-our member Nora Gestão
-NGO Terra dos Sonhos
-Vila Galé

We would like to give a special thanks to the staff of TIAS (including Dianne Neefs and Woody van Olffen); all business leaders and guest speakers involved, as well as Ambassador Nienke Trooster for supporting the program.
Have a look at more pictures here.