Dutch Marketing Management students visit our member Philips

Novembro, 2019

This week 58 students from Dutch university Windesheim visited our member Philips in Oeiras. The students were kindly received by country manager Gabriel Arianes Ortiz and marketing manager André Cabral. The Chamber of Commerce gave an interactive kick off session on the Portuguese economy and history of the country.

Students got a flavour of the company spirit and longstanding history of the 128 year company via the enthusiastic stories of both Gabriel and André. As marketing students they also got an insight in the transformation Philips has undergone from a lighting and electronics manufacturer, to a health-tech company after the split of the company. 

André also provided the students with a practical example of new marketing strategies and showed a campaign of an electric shaver that was targeted at the right market segment via an influencer on social media.

We would like to thank Fátima Ferreira, André Cabral and Gabriel Arianes Ortiz from Philips for hosting us.