Election of the Board - triennium 2021/2024

Abril, 2021

On the 25th of March we held our annual General Assembly. Not only did we discuss the year 2020 and what is coming ahead, but this year is special, since our elections for both the Board and Fiscal committee were held.

We are all very honoured that her Excellency Ambassador Ms Nienke Trooster fulfils the position of Honorary Chair of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. The other Board members are elected once every three years. We are pleased to know that Nuno Pinto de Magalhães (Central Cervejas) has agreed to continue to stay on for the next triennium as Chairman, with Eric van Leuven (Cushman & Wakefield) maintaining as Vice- Chairman. Leendert Verschoor (PwC) also agreed to continue as Treasurer. All in all, it is pleasant to find that also the majority of the other Board Members is willing to stay on for another term. Never change a winning team !

The same stability goes for our Fiscal Committee. With the entrance of Bernardo Masteling Pereira (Mazars) in the last General Assembly, the 3-headed committee continues its involvement in the next three years. To read about the profiles and background of the board members, and Fiscal Committee please click here.

We very much appreciate the continued support of our Board and Fiscal committee, and - as pointed out in the GA - for any other member that is interested in contributing to the Chamber's activities and strategy, a special committee was formed by our Chairman, called the Nucleo Duro. This committee meets every two months and consists of a smaller group of Board members and members interested to contribute. Let us know if you are interested to join one or more of these upcoming meetings via office@ccph.pt