Executive students of Organizational Management visit Portugal - Day 2

Novembro, 2021

This week we received a group of executive students in Organizational Management from TIAS Business School. To kick off their second day of the program, we spent the day visiting various case study locations around the Lisbon area. In the morning the students worked on case studies with:

  • Pastéis de Belém | Historic bakery located in Belém, most popularly known for their famous Pastéis de Belém pastries. | host: Miguel Clarinha 
  • Via Verde | An innovative technological solution that allows drivers to pay toll charges without stopping their vehicles. | host: Jorge Cunha

The students had an opportunity to have wonderful lunch at the residence of Dutch Ambassador Nienke Trooster before heading off to their next set of case studies. 

Later in the afternoon the students continued their work on case studies with: 

  • Pioneiros do Rio (Portugs) | Maritime service and operations in Portugal. | host: Rui Cruz
  • Ageas| International insurance service provider. | host: Sjoerd Smeets & Catarina Tendeiro 

We would like to thank the above organisations and individuals, as well as all the participating guests, for their participation in the program and to Ambassador Nienke Trooster for a warm welcome to her home.