Executive students of Organizational Management visit Portugal - Day 3

Novembro, 2021

This week we received a group of executive students in Organizational Management TIAS Business School. To kick-off the third day of the program, the students continued their work with a morning visit to their case studies at :

  • Polarising| Tech company with expertise in building software to fuel business success. | host: Yvonne Kubbinga
  • Museo do Chiado | National museum of contemporary art. | host: Emília Ferreira

In the afternoon, both groups went across the river to visit their final case study of the week:

  • Baía do Tejo | Land management and business parks company. | host: Maria do Rosário Sentieiro

We would like to thank the above organizations for the use of their facilities, hospitality, and willingness to take part in these case studies.