Executive students of Public Management & Education visit Portugal - Day 3

Outubro, 2021

This week we received a group of executive students in Public Management & Education from TIAS business school. To kick off their third day of the program, we spent the day split between Lisbon & Évora. In the morning the students worked on case studies with:

  • United Lisbon International School | A recent established international school in Lisbon set within an Edu Hub for the future. | host: Karthik Saba & José Azcue 
  • UBBU | A computer science and programming platform created for kids | host: João Barata 

Later in the afternoon the students took a trip out to Évora to continue their work on case studies with: 

We would like to thank the above organisations and people, as well as all the participating guests, for their participation in the program and the United Lisbon International School and Eugénio de Almeida Foundation especially for the use of their facilities and their hospitality.