Flash Interview of the Month

Dezembro, 2019

The Flash Interview of the Month is a short talk with one of our members, where the interviewed is able to talk about his/her experience in an informal way and where all stories are told in the 1st person. This month, we got to know more about our member company Regina Coeli Language Institute. We talked with Cindy Van Herk and Erica Goedegebuure, Client Relations Managers at the Institute that was founded in 1963 and offers top-notch language courses to a vast range of international clients. The foundation of their training method was laid by the nuns of Regina Coeli, the Sisters of the Holy Order of Saint Augustine—better known as the ‘the Nuns of Vught’ which is a notion in the Netherlands for learning foreign languages. 

Your students choose Regina Coeli due to the different approach your institute takes towards learning new languages. Even so, has anybody ever been surprised when taking your language courses? 

Our students do indeed come with high expectations. Nevertheless, we are still able to surprise them. It really depends on the individual. People are surprised to learn so much more than just a language from their trainers, such as culture or communication effectiveness. Others are amazed by the effectiveness of spending a number of days learning a language at Regina Coeli. The absence of all sorts of outside influences helps students to relax. Not only do you learn languages better, but you also gain new insights.

There are no nuns left at Language Institute Regina Coeli. Although nuns have not taught for years now, do you think the experience on campus will change? 

The moment you walk into our language institute, you immediately notice how calm and peaceful it is, even though the nuns haven’t worked here for quite a long time. It’s one of the unique elements so woven into the fabric of our institute that we cannot imagine it ever changing. The same goes for the personal attention and care our students receive. At the same time, Regina Coeli also moves with the times. Our students can do their work on tablets, our language laboratory is up-to-date, we serve a whole range of coffee drinks—you name it. 

What is the secret to Regina Coeli’s long history of success? 

While the world around us has changed rapidly, we’ve always remained very true to our values. In this way, we’ve held on to our conviction that language is best learned from people in an environment which is fully geared towards learning. Time and time again, our students are amazed at how well our approach works.

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your work at Language Institute Regina Coeli?

Working in an international environment is not only an enjoyable challenge for our students, but also for us. Besides that, it’s truly a pleasure to see so many satisfied students walk out of our doors every week!

Why did you decide to join the Chamber?

Companies that want to do business in Portugal come to Regina Coeli to learn Portuguese. Speaking the language makes doing business there considerably easier, so it makes sense that we are keen to meet up with and reach our target group through this network.