Flash Interview of the Month

Dezembro, 2019

The Flash Interview of the Month is a short talk with one of our members, where the interviewed is able to talk about his/her experience in an informal way and where all stories are told in the 1st person. This month, we got to know more about our Board Member Michiel Bos, owner of MaxiTrade

You have been a very supportive Board Member of the Chamber for many years and even assumed the function of Chairman of the Chamber from 2005-2009 and. Why is the Chamber so valuable to you to dedicate so much of your time and energy?

When I joined the board of the Chamber I was able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to the CCPH as I was “in-between” jobs. During this time Marjon and I established an excellent working relationship which lasts until today. It was a pleasure to work with Marjon and the rest of the board and help change the CCPH into an organization that could no longer count on subsidies from the Dutch government but had to finance itself through the development of new activities and services. A challenge which continues until today. Today the distance makes it difficult to participate in the CCPH activities as much as I would like but it is a pleasure to be part of the team.

You have a remarkable experience in different fields of business. To what extent was that broad experience decisive for setting up your own business and how come you ended up working in Africa?

Part of my experience was gained working initially in a family business and later also as entrepreneur, this made the decision to try to work for myself again relatively easy. Since 2010 I have been doing business in mainly Angola and Mozambique and decided that a greater proximity to our customers would help to further develop the business. The objective is to also work in other countries in the region.

What do you think are the most challenging aspects of your work in Maxitrade & Consultoria? 

Growing the business in a continent where the opportunities abound but where there are also many challenges and the unexpected can happen at any time.

What's the most exciting thing on the horizon for 2020? 

That the policies being implemented in Angola are lasting and a change for the better. Developing business in other African countries.