Flash Interview of the Month

Fevereiro, 2020

The flash interview of the month is a small talk with one of our members, where the interviewed is able to talk about his/her experience, in an informal way and where all stories are told in the 1st person.

This month, we got to know more about our member company IG&H   from the perspective of Nuno Pacheco, IG&H Partner. 

Nuno Pacheco and Founder Jan Van HasenBroek

IG&H advises, designs and builds future proof solutions in retail, finance and health. They make a difference when it comes to re-enganging the consumer and re-platforming operations. 

 IG&H decided to open an office in Portugal, can you explain the reasons behind this ?

The IG&H group has got its origins in The Netherlands, with more than 30 years of experience in business consulting, helping clients in financial services, health and retail solve some of the most important challenges.   In late 2017, IG&H started expanding its services to the technology domain with the aim of helping customers transform digitally in an ever changing and complex environment.   In 2019, IG&H Platform Services was created focusing on developing a leading capability in Outsystems and Microsoft cloud. Coming to Portugal, arises from the fact that the company decided to create a team based on quality and experience, and naturally in Portugal we could find the best people to build our Outsystems team, that truly differentiates our offer. After a detailed evaluation of multiple criteria Portugal emerged as the clear winning location to expand the technology arm of our company.

   We noticed IG&H has had some interesting initiatives in the CSR area. Can you elaborate?

We have a strong commitment to the planet and our society and we believe that technology can contribute to developing innovative solutions that will make possible our long term sustainability.   Our corporate culture is also pragmatic and action oriented so we have started a number of initiatives both in The Netherlands and in Portugal ranging from having beehives in our offices in Utrecht, leasing a large plot of land in Portugal to plant around 20.000 fruit trees to supporting social projects like the Make a Wish foundation, that helps children fulfil their dreams. We also incentivize our colleagues to constantly be in the look out for new initiatives where we as a company can make a difference.


Planting Event at Herdade do Freixo do Meio

What are the most challenging aspects of your work?

Working in a fast growing market like technology and software development brings many challenges, the one we most focus on is building the right team and continuously invest in creating a culture of personal growth and flexibility. In Portugal we have found a great environment that is fueled by great people.

  What's the most exciting thing on the horizon for 2020?

In the phase of hypergrowth we are in there are countless exciting things in the horizon, just to name a few:

-Refurbishing and opening our new state of the art office in Lisbon, where we will create spaces for colleagues and costumers to bring best in them

- See our people grow and enjoy the results of our people first strategy that puts people in the center of everything we do (even being a tech company)

-Lastly in terms of projects we are really looking forward to start delivering a number of large transformation projects, specially in the area of pensions that will certainly have a very positive societal impact.