Have a glance at our latest breakfast meeting with the Ambassador

Fevereiro, 2020

This Tuesday a breakfast meeting about Circular Economy was kindly hosted by Ambassador Nienke Trooster in her residence. The encounter is part of a series of initiatives in collaboration with our Chamber of Commerce. Idea is to host a small group of experts, entrepreneurs and representatives of public, industrial and social sectors around a specific theme in order for them to discuss it from different perspectives and to enlarge their network.

This breakfast was on the importance of the transition to a circular economy and the business opportunities this may bring and was moderated by Ana Trigo Morais, CEO of Sociedade Ponto Verde.

How quickly and with which resources can we face the future challenges? What paradigm shift is needed to move towards the circular economy? How are companies dealing with cicular economy within their companies? How does it affect resources like water and others? These were some of the questions that were discussed via concrete examples and best practices from the various sectors represented. Hopefully, a basis has been laid for people to stay in touch and further develop on the issues as discussed.

We would like to especially thank the Ambassador and the team of the Embassy and Sociedade Ponto Verde for their support in co-organizing this breakfast.