Have a look at our first Community in the Spotlight session

Março, 2021

On the 25th of February the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce organised the first edition of a new event called "Community in the Spotlight", where we invited 5 members to present their company and to brainstorm in Break out Rooms about the common challenge "Digital Business development". 

We kicked of with presentations from Pieter Ijzerman - ChaZemo talking about smart charging solutions for electric cars; Mafalda Gomes - Exaud on digital transformation solutions; Carla Gonçalves and Catarina Ferreira - Finpartner on accounting and tax consultancy; Artur Poluektov - Koos Service Design on digital support to improve your client's experience and Pieter van Nuenen - The Portugal Company on tailor made services for people wanting to move to Portugal. 

After the presentations, we devided the group in 3 Break out sessions, moderated by Pieter Ijzerman, Artur Poluektov and Pieter van Nuenen. All moderators used a different approach to tackle the challenge. Where the 2 Pieters decided to focus on the discussion, Artur from Koos Service Design decided to introduce a Service Design tool called Miro. On Miro, Artur prepared a virtual Whiteboard with yellow stickynotes where the participants could write down their thoughts. It was a nice and interactive way to approach the challenge, even though the time for this exercise was limited. 

At the end of the breakout sessions, the moderators shared the keypoints from their discussion and contact info was shared between the participants. We would like to thank the participants and speakers for participating in this event and talking about it on their websites and social media channels. We received a lot of spontaneous reactions of members that participated in the session and had enjoyed to learn about the activities of other members. Also some potential business opportunities arose and some speakers also followed up on the session.

Would you like to read the feedback from Mafalda from Exaud? Please click here! Also Artur Poluektov reflected on the session, read here.

If you are interested to also put your company in the Spotlight, please let us know via office@ccph.pt