Have a look at our first International Netstorming Session

Abril, 2021

Today we hosted the first edition of The International Netstorming Sessions, a joint event organised by the Dutch, British and French bilateral Chambers of Commerce. Over 50 members from the 3 Chamber's joined to listen to well-known entrepreneur Tim Vieira (Bravegeneration, S.A.) who talked about "Gamechangers: Leading Businesses in a Changing World" (Tim participated as investor in SharkTank Portugal). 

It was clear that throughout last year all of us experienced some challenging times, either professionally or personally. Many businesses were forced to go digital in a very short time, and working from home turned out to be the new reality for the vast majority of office workers. Although, most of us miss the office dynamic and the occasional casual conversations near the coffee machine, for many people, working from home also showed its positive sides. On the other hand, offices could spend less on expensive rents, and workers wouldn’t take hours on their daily commute anymore. Even if some of us might migrate back to the offices again after Covid, one thing is true – working remotely has undergone an important revolution.

However, what does this mean for the future? How does this affect the workplace and labour law? How does this affect the business culture and HR management? And last but not least, what about business development?

These were the topics that were discussed during our first edition of The International Netstorming Sessions joint event, organised by the Dutch, British and French bilateral Chambers of Commerce. Each topic was addressed in moderated breakout rooms, where members of the three Chambers came together to network and brainstorm. All in all it was an inspiring way for people to get to know eachother, expanding their business network, while discussing a mutual interest.

We would like to especially thank keynote speaker Tim Vieira, Joana Mestre Neto (Matlaw | Liaison Officer of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce) for hosting the overall meeting, our colleagues from the other Chambers, and the moderators:

  •  E-Workplace & Labour Law: David Carvalho Martins (DCM Lawyers | DPCC) and João Guimarães (Teixeira & Guimarães – Sociedade de Advogados | BPCC)
  •  E-Business Culture & HR Management: Inês Veloso (Randstad | DPCC) - and Luís Morgadinho (Elemento Humano Portugal | FPCC)
  •  E-Business Development: Kasper van der Knaap (Koos Service Design | DPCC) and Raquel Finch (SIXT | BPCC)

We hope you all enjoyed this new format and look forward to your participation in the next session !

Some feedback we received, when we asked people to share what they liked or did not like about the event:

  • “See” other members, hear their stories and brainstorm about what could be done.   
  • All the event was fantastic! Congratulations.   
  • The opportunity to share ideas, projects and questions about specific topics in small groups.   
  • I liked the subject and the positive and inspiring message of Tim Vieira. Also, the breakout room session was interesting because everybody in the group was very participative.   
  • It's perfect. right time, not too long, not too short. it is well spoken and clear what it is about. Keep it up I would say.