Have a look at our second Community in the Spotlight

Maio, 2021

 On the 13th of May, the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce organised the second edition of our "Community in the Spotlight" event, after the first in February has been a big success. This time we invited 4 members to present their company and to brainstorm in Break out Rooms about the common challenge "Networking in the Future". 

We kicked off with presentations from Marc Vrijhoef - Altea Management talking about investment opportunities; Mónica Rufinho - HopeCare on their revolutionary health solution; Aoife Healy - Pathway Consulting on personal development consultancy; and Juliette Douglas - Water Alliance on water management and some great existing solutions. 

After the presentations, we divided the group in 4 Breakout sessions, moderated by the speakers. Even though this was the first time moderating a session for some of the moderators, all rooms had a different but interesting outcome. Monica decided to take a slightly different route and focus the discussion on the healthcare sector and on the Internet of Things, with mixed feelings of the participants about machines reading your health status. Mark focussed his discussion about the future of travelling for business and concluded that even though some events like conferences may never be the same again, it will always be important to meet someone in person to be able to trust them completely. Aoife told us that in her room they discussed networking via internet platforms and concluded that it is not the same thing as meeting someone in person, even though the younger generations might experience that slightly differently. In Juliette’s room they discussed if digital Networking could eventually replace physical networking and although they concluded that it can never fully replace, it can in fact complement and especially overseas. 

At the end of the breakout sessions, the moderators shared the key points from their discussion and contact info was shared between the participants. We would like to thank the participants and speakers for participating in this event. We received a lot of spontaneous reactions of members that participated in the session and had enjoyed learning about the activities of other members. Also, some potential business opportunities arose, and some speakers also followed up on the session.

" Like the previous sessions, well worth it. Now everyone was discussed and that is better. Thanks again!" - Participant 

If you are interested to also put your company in the Spotlight, please let us know via office@ccph.pt