Johnson Academy nominated for the Portugal Justo award

Novembro, 2022

As longstanding fans of the Academia do Johnson, we are happy to announce that the Academy is one of the finalists for the "Portugal Justo" award, with the project "Crescer com Pinta" (Grow up with Charm). Congratulations to the executive team @Johnson & @Leniete and all the volunteers. We hope your project may win!

With a small team, the Academy promotes sport, development and social integration of young people and children in the neighborhoods of the Cova da Moura area, the program is extended to around 200 children, also benefiting their families. Listen to the interview here.


The Manuel António da Mota Foundation annually institutes the “Manuel António da Mota Award” distinguishing organizations that stand out in the various fields of their activity.  In 2022, in its 13th edition, the Award, under the motto “Portugal Justo”, will distinguish institutions that stand out in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, reception and integration of migrants and refugees, enhancement of the interior and territorial cohesion, health, education, employment, family support, innovation and social entrepreneurship, inclusion and digital and technological transition and climate transition.

PMAM is an initiative of the Manuel António da Mota Foundation in partnership with TSF. More information here.