Join our "Antidote for 2020" video

Novembro, 2020
"Antidote 2020 Video"
Given the difficulties many of us are experiencing as a result of the pandemic, we thought it nice to do something cheerful with and for our members to counterbalance these times of hardship. Our idea is to make a joint "Antidote 2020" video so that - even though remotely - we are all together and solidary in our fantastic Dutch/Portuguese entrepreneurs network. Good thing is that it will not take you more than 5 minutes to participate.
We've already made a short video as an example including some of our members who also thought it to be a funny idea. Ask us for an example by mail or whatsapp via if you haven't received the video.
Are you in?
Please send us a short video of 15 to 20 seconds in which you & your company (cq activity) appear to no later than 30 November
There is no need to have sound in the background or to send us a very professional recording. Just spontaneously record something with your phone, which will not take you more than a minute. Please do not try to sing along because this will make editing more difficult, but of course please swing and show your company activity.
If you have any questions, please send us an email or call (213955580)
We look forward to your contributions :)