Lisbon Business Summit | 6 February

Janeiro, 2019

The first Lisbon Business Summit will be hosted by the Lisbon Awards Group, will take place on February 6 at Lispolis - Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa. The Chamber is supporting partner of the event. 

The Lisbon Business Summit is a conference where several of Portugal's leading economists, managers, marketers, industrialists and startups leaders will step onto the stage. The Summit aims to focus on five major areas: the Portuguese economy, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and technological innovation. Idea is to discuss the great themes of the moment, presenting new visions and ways that contribute to a more prosperous, modern and developed country.

There will be 5 panels:

Panel 1 - What is the role of leadership in modern companies?
Panel 2 - Does the Portuguese economy have a future?
Panel 3 - How can new marketing tools generate more business for companies?
Panel 4 - Startups: Success Tips and Common Mistakes
Painel 5 - Employer Branding in the era of millennials

All information about the Lisbon Business Summit, such as agenda and key note speakers, can be found here.