March Flash Interview

Março, 2019

The Flash Interview of the Month is a very short talk with one of our members, where the interviewed is able to talk about his/her experience in an informal way and where all stories are told in the 1st person. 

This month, get to know Nuno Prata, a 24 years old man that created his own company, The Fietsen Shop!

1. How did a young 24 years old guy get the inspiration to create a company as The Fietsen Shop?

My life completely changed when I visit the Netherlands for the first time! I never knew that riding a bicycle everywhere would be so incredible, magical and you would feel so free. I was used to ride a bicycle only in mountains and outside the city, but by seeing an entire population pedaling throughout the country, with comfort and security, amazed me and made me want to create something to bring that culture to Portugal. That is why I created The Fietsen Shop: to inspire Portuguese people to ride their bicycles and to show how the dutch do it.

2. What are the things that make you happy about being the Founder of The Fietsen Shop?

The Fietsen Shop has born to inspire people to leave their car at home and just cycle everywhere, like the dutch do in the Netherlands! That is my main goal! So, every time I can make someone happy and satisfied with their bicycle is a moment of happiness for me. I see bicycles as one solution for the pollution crisis that we are facing at the moment and every time I help someone to use their bicycle, I feel that my mission is accomplished and that makes me really happy.

3. Why did your company join the Chamber? Did it meet your expectations?  

In my opinion a company without partnerships is not destine to have a good success. The Fietsen Shop joined the Chamber to look for a good partnership between the two organizations and to built a good relationship. In the moment we are a bit far from what we wanted to accomplish with the Chamber, only because of us, because we are developing ourselves and we want to establish in the Lisbon bicycle culture. But in the future we want to work with the Chamber to establish a strong relationship! 

4. What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for 2019 ?

This year is the year I really started my physical store, soo I am really excited to put everything into practice of all the things I wanted to create and that I had planned. Hopefully I will create a community that want to share their experience and knowledge of cycling and may everyone will learn more new things about cycling a bicycle every day as a commuting transport. In this year I want to help a lot of people that want to swap their cars for bicycles.