Newsflash | Digital Circle session with Alex Griekspoor

Setembro, 2023


Last 21st of September, we started off with 2 events after the summer holidays. A talk, followed by a Bring a Friend drink. It was great to see so many (new) members and friends. Both events were held at our member Hotel Intercontinental in Lisbon. Thank you Maarten Drenth and staff for the hospitality!

As part of the monthly Digital Circle sessions, the afternoon started with a talk by our board member, independent software developer and serial entrepreneur, Alex Griekspoor. He talked about his experience with his "lifestyle" company  He called his presentation Debugging Stereotypes. Alex started his studies as a Medical Biologist, but discovered he also enjoyed programming. During his PhD in cell biology, he decided to move and run his own software company, developing the app Papers. After winning an Apple design award and selling the app to Springer, an academic publisher and working for them for a while he left and became an individual developer again. He then started his next big project: the Agenda app. The company is run by just two people and their goal is to keep the company small and not to grow. It is clear that "Less is the new More." Thank you Alex for the nice insights you provided !

Afterwards, we all went to have a drink in the Uptown Bar of the hotel to network. From the feedback we got, everybody really enjoyed it !