Newsflash- get to know our member Downtown Palmela

Julho, 2023

Green and creative hub Downtown Palmela

This week The Chamber enjoyed an enchanting visit to Downtown Palmela a vibrant, new Dutch-Portuguese green-creative and social project. A true gem!

We received a private tour of the 13 hectares (32 acres) property owned by serial entrepreneur André Amaro and his business partner Maarten Baas. Their “eco-creative-social”” project is called “Downtown Palmela”, because yes: it is a huge piece of land, but it is nestled in the heart of Palmela.

André and Maarten are well on their way reforesting their complete property. Previously, the land had been neglected for decades. On top of this: a big part of the property burned to ashes in the big forest fires in 2022. This unfortunate event did not stop the dynamic duo, but instead kicked of a series of projects to build a green and creative legacy in downtown Palmela for generations to come.

Besides growing and planting of thousands and thousands and thousands of (native) trees – together with an army of volunteers - André and Maarten have been busy repairing (and improving) the natural water flows of the land, analyzing archeological structures on the property, recuperating ruins and creating creative workshop spaces from decayed buildings. Another project targets eco-houses for guests and artists-in-residence, along with communal and recreational spaces, along with the construction of several greenhouses (to grow more plants and trees!).

Downtown Palmela is not limited to André, Maarten, and their collaborators. The project boosts a bi-weekly pizza party where locals and wanderers from all walks of life are welcome to join for a hot slice and a sip of (homemade) wine. This open-door policy has already created new partnerships, friends, jobs and actively tries to contribute to a new social cohesion in the area.

We were amazed by the progress the team has been able to achieve in less than a year and look forward to hearing more from these great guys!

André and Maarten were fortunate to secure sufficient funding through their own investments and via their own extensive network. But the idea is to expand and really built a green legacy. If you are interested to become part of this journey: please contact André and Maarten for funding and investment support via Downtown Palmela. Instagram: @downtownpalmela

by Geesje Mosies | Board Member of CCPH