Our Corporate member Central de Cervejas helps to combats food waste

Março, 2021
Continuing its work to combat food waste and promoting, once again, the adoption of more sustainable behaviour, our Corporate Member Sociedade Central de Cervejas (SCC) joins the “Too Good To Go” movement, a free app that allows people to book quality food at reduced prices, preventing it from being wasted.
Adherence to this initiative contributes to reinforcing the SCC Group's commitment to sustainability and reflects the concern to raise awareness in society of one of the main problems at the economic, environmental and social level that is verified today. Now whenever you access the Too Good To Go app it is already possible to “save” a Magic Box SCC. In this surprise box you can find different beers, such as Heineken®, Sagres, Bohemia, Trindade, Lagunitas, Guinness, and Old Mout, Strongbow and Bandida do Pomar ciders.
The most important thing is that whenever you book, you will be contributing to fight food waste, while generating social and financial impacts, but also environmental in terms of reducing CO2 emissions.
“Joining society in an active and positive fight against food waste is of utmost importance to us. This is a long-standing commitment by the SCC Group, which promotes sustainability throughout the entire value chain. With this adherence, we hope to make society more aware and to counter this global problem, while promoting responsible consumption”, says Nuno Pinto de Magalhães, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at SCC and Chairman of our Chamber of Commerce.
Madalena Rugeroni, Country Manager of Too Good To Go Portugal and Spain emphasizes that, “Being able to count on a brand like SCC in our application, reinforces the versatility and the ability to adapt our platform to different types of business in the food sector. SCC thus joins several brands that have also joined the pick up points that we have available. An alternative that creates a new opportunity and addresses the need to dispose of surplus quality, from partners who, like SCC, do not have their own store. ”