Our member companies in the news - Jose Miguel Leonardo | CEO at Randstad Portugal

Junho, 2020

With the national economy taking the first steps towards stabilization and a later, much awaited, recovery, it is important to hear the leaders of large companies about the future. We noticed that a number of CEO's within our network appeared in the news, so we thought it interesting to share their vision.


This time, we share the vision of José Miguel Leonardo, CEO of Randstad Portugal, who participated  in the Portuguese debate program on national TV, called " Prós e Contras" some weeks ago on the subject of Telework.


Here are some of José's reflections:
- Flexibility has long been a desire of the Portuguese. This has been demonstrated in the "Randstad Employer Brand Research" since 2015, both in the importance of reconciling work / family and in valuing the benefit of flexibility.
- The adaptation to remote work forced the acceleration of technological adoption and can become an element that facilitates the increase in productivity.
- Productivity is not hourly, but task and results (input / output) and its improvement is the main condition for better wages.
- We have to guarantee an increase in productivity and that means that we no longer have a culture of “presentism” and move, definitely, towards the appreciation of people.


For more information, see here.