Our member companies in the news - Nuno Pinto de Magalhães | Central Cervejas

Junho, 2020

With the national economy taking the first steps towards stabilization and a later, much awaited, recovery, it is important to hear the leaders of large companies about the future. We noticed that a number of CEO's and Directors within our network appeared in the news, so we thought it interesting to share their vision.


This time, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Central Cervejas, Nuno Pinto de Magalhães (who is also Chairman of the Chamber) is interviewed by Briefing.


"At Central de Cervejas, it is believed that it is possible to grow in the market and, at the same time, produce a better world. It is this conviction that moves the company in this time of crisis", states Nuno.


Framing the intervention in the current context, he says that the sustainability and corporate responsibility program has, for several years, been a strategic pillar of Central de Cervejas (SCC). “We reiterate and reinforce the commitment to actively participate in the economic and social development of the communities where our units are located, but also meeting the social needs at a national scope”, he begins by stating, underlining: “In this moment of exception and extremely challenging for companies and people in general, we could not fail to provide all our support and help, both to consumers and to our customers of the Horeca channel, certainly one of the sectors most impacted by the confinement enacted on March 18, or even for those who are at the forefront of combating the Covid-19 pandemic, which deserves our greatest respect ”.


Nuno gives some examples to demonstrate that SCC puts their money where their mouth is. The Luso Foundation that belongs to SCC delivered one million bottles of Água de Luso to hundreds of institutions, which impacted tens of thousands of people across the country. This included Covid-19 reference hospitals, units managed by the União das Misericórdias Portuguesas and the Cáritas network, as well as families in need.  


Coinciding with the Easter period, when countless health professionals were away from their families to be at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic: “Bohemia felt the need to give its contribution, bringing them special meals, a thanks to these exemplary professionals who are daily fighting for all of us ”. Nuno makes a special mention to customers of the Horeca channel: “We could not forget them. This channel represents more than 65% of our beer sales volume in the national market and that is why since early on we have put in place several actions that aim to support these customers, seeking to minimize the impact of its closure ”. It is in this context that the “Juntos Voltamos Já” (Together We will be Back soon) initiative, implemented in partnership with other brands and to which SCC immediately joined, was developed.


The Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at SCC stresses that these actions, like all those that are part of the group's sustainability program, “seek to create value, both for the business and for the stakeholders, for society and for the planet” . The focus is, precisely, "Grow with Communities", respecting "the creation of value in a shared way, investing and actively participating in the economic and social development of communities".


Read the full interview in Portuguese here.

Source: Briefing