Our member companies in the news - Pedro Rebelo de Sousa | SRS Advogados

Junho, 2020

Our member SRS advogados with Managing Partner Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, who is also our Board Member, anounced his plans to advance with a merger with lawfirm AAA.

SRS Advogados will reinforce the area of ​​corporate law with the "merger by integration" with the company founded by Gabriela Martins and Dulce Franco, ex-sócias da PLMJ. The agreement is closed and now awaits only formal and administrative approvals, such as communication to the Bar Association. This operation should be completed in the course of the second half of this year. “The evident synergies that the operation offers” are mentioned by Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, managing partner of SRS, “who considers the sum of the teams to be an undeniable asset in a strategy to strengthen the existing structure defined at the end of 2019”. 


SRS has over 125 lawyers and is more than 25 years old, while AAA has 20 lawyers. With this integration, SRS advogados will abe able to reinforce its corporate skills. Gabriela Martins is a lawyer for the Amorim and Galp family, for example, while Dulce Franco has AutoEuropa among her clients. They were part of the PLMJ firm for many years.


To read the full article in Portuguese, please click here.

Source: Eco Magazine