Our member GrandVision Portugal undertook a humanitarian mission to Mozambique

Dezembro, 2019

GrandVision Portugal, undertook a humanitarian mission to Mozambique with non-profit organization HELPO ONGD, based on the recognition of Vision as a global health problem. The aim of this project was to support schools and villages near Nampula under the Portuguese Cooperation Cluster Project on the Island of Mozambique and Primary and Secondary Schools in Marrere.

During 11 days in Mozambique, the GrandVision Portugal team (consisting of 2 optometrists, 1 optics technician and the Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator) conducted over 1,000 visual screenings and delivered 598 prescription glasses to a highly deprived population.

At the same time, they invited the finalists of the University of Lury's Nampula Optometry course to join them, giving them the opportunity to learn and help. Finally, all the machinery that was used for the optometry course screenings was donated, as well as all the frames and graduated lenses left over from this action, so that the students of this University can continue the work. In addition, GrandVision Portugal offered 2 internship scholarships to 2 finalist students of the optometry course who excelled in their work with the team in the field.

We congratulate our member GrandVision Portugal for this initiative. Continue to do an amazing job!