Our member Hope Care entered into a joint venture with Proge-Software

Novembro, 2020

Our member Hope Care has just entered into a joint venture with Proge-Software, a leader in digital innovation in Italy, with the aim of supporting healthcare professionals and customers in defining new levels of experience customer efficiency and operational efficiency.

Hope Care intends to provide the market, in Italy, with a disruptive health solution called "Health in your hands" aimed at Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals, and Insurance Companies that allows an optimization of the health care of patients/clients by operating institutions, costs reduction, and implementation.

This joint venture reinforces the importance of Hope Care's innovative solution in the area of ​​digital health and is proof that the international market recognizes the real impacts of the solution when applied and its effects on improving the living conditions of citizens in public health, generally.

Director-General of Proge-Software, Marco Meneo: “We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that can transform healthcare services across Italy. Remote Patient Care. Providing a safe and reliable service that allows remote monitoring of patients. Bringing together the power of Hope Care technology with Proge's services to help save lives."