Our member Jerónimo Martins Group inaugurates an Inclusion Center

Dezembro, 2021

Our member Jerónimo Martins Group will inaugurate an Inclusion Center, created to train people with disabilities or disabilities and thus enhance their employability.

"This new Center will operate based on an innovative training and development methodology, customized for each trainee and adapted to the functions that can be performed in each of the Group's businesses, which was developed internally by the technical team that works the Inclusion", explains the company in a note sent this Monday to the media.

Jerónimo Martins has already started receiving applications through the Program Include Applications platform. The first classes of the center will begin training in January next year, and the first phase in the room, with training of behavioral and relational skills and practical simulation of tasks in an area of the Center where the school shop was built, will last two weeks. The second phase of the training will take place for ten weeks and comprises a period of practical training in the context of work, with the support of tutors – collaborators responsible for monitoring and developing each trainee in the workplace – and the Inclusion team.

"We have set up this Centre to provide an opportunity for training and then employment to a fringe of society that encounters many obstacles to entering the labour market. We also want the Centre to contribute, through its work and example, to strengthening the culture of inclusion in society at large. That is why this will be a space open to the community, which can be visited, and that will boost conferences and debates that will help raise awareness of the urgent need to be all more inclusive", commented Marta Maia, Chief People Officer of the Jerónimo Martins Group,

In the end, the trainees must be prepared to be hired by the Group Companies.

"Since 2015, the Jerónimo Martins Group has created job opportunities for more than 550 people with disabilities through the Include Program and we want this Center to increase our capacity to train and integrate them," the executive said in the same statement.  

Congratulations Jerónimo Martins for this great initiative !