Our member Sunrise Evolution Technologies offers pioneering Cloud Authentications System

Agosto, 2020

Sun-Evo´s Manufacture brand is pioneering this technology in Europe. And Sun-Evo is pioneering the idea of creating an ecosystem with many businesses around the airport’s sphere in emerging markets. Sun-Evo´s captive portal/ CAS solution are for management of wi-fi, for marketing innovative relationship, metric/analytic, capture of real-data, as it will be a resourceful help in the current pandemic times and in future, for other public health unpredictable situations.

With Cloud Authentication System teams will have a captive portal fully customizable and knowledge with guests logging-in on wi-fi:

1. CAS is GDPR compliance and most securely and eco-friendly way to send any message, alerts, to present landing pages with relevant information over the right devices; apply a survey with a few questions to help with this pandemic situation.

2. Airports will have total management of wi-fi usage and passengers’ knowledge.

3. Cross-checking of data with other public health entities. For example, the health portal of each country.

4. Through the images made available on the captive portal, the Airport can explore cross-selling services that travellers will need: taxi, hotel, restaurant, purchase of a mobile operator card, purchase, or reservation of a public transport ticket, etc. And they will know by the number of clicks the images (businesses) with more interest, more wanted and more profitable.

Not forgetting that this tool can quickly bring ROI (able to charge some amount after the first minutes of using the wi-fi; able to promote services and products from airport stores, showing weekly promotion and call for the shoppers, and advertising the stores themselves earning from it). Airports (or other segments) will be ready to provide wi-fi on public areas, will be able to do it Securely, with GDPR Compliance, know about customer satisfaction, and have a fast return on investment. Will be able to receive reservations without physical contact and provide a landing page with live timetables for the next flights, etc.

Airports administrations would be able to create the following type of arrivals survey to their passengers via an encrypted and GDPR secure connection:

· Origin Country or Region » EU/ USA/America Latin /ASIA/ Australia

· Age Range: 10-19/20-30/ 31-50/ 51+

· Quick evaluation about the Airport measures against pandemic spread:

1. Not safe enough

2. Fairly safe and clear

3. Extremely safe and care.

We warmly invite you to watch Sun-Evo´s recent webinar on CAS, or to give a look on their article for different sectors and industries.

For a more contextualized view of airports and public spaces see what the C.A.S platform can do: CAS Airports Flyer where you will read more about the case study of Faro Airport.