Our Member The Fietsen Shop opens bike shop in Lisbon

Novembro, 2018

Nuno Prata, a young Portuguese entrepreneur is, since 2017, the proud owner of The Fietsen Shop, an urban bicycle store. The store opened its doors to the public last October. Nuno is an Electric and Computer Engineer, who always had the dream and drive to open his own business.

After visiting the Netherlands, he fell in love with the Dutch culture and especially the bikes and the freedom that riding a bike gives you. He knew what he had to do and turned it into his mission to transfer that part of the Dutch culture into Lisbon. The idea was to open a bike shop and help the customer choose the best bike according to their lifestyle. All of them are city bicycles, the same as the ones in the Netherlands, since he wanted to sell Fietsen and not bikes!

Nowadays, The Fietsen Shop sells colourful urban bikes; stylish, high quality accessories and even some other real Dutch products that he fell in love with during his regular visits to the Netherlands, like hagelslag and stroopwafels. Nuno doesn´t only sell them, he also tries to promote the construction of new and safe bike paths, rent custom bicycles to companies that want to use them instead of cars and teach the basic safety rules to children and everybody else who would like to learn. For him, cycling should be taught as a culture and not as an obligation and a duty. He told us that: “Riding a bicycle is not just a way of transporting yourself from A to B. It´s a time you have to think, to reflect about your day. To breath in some fresh air and get your body going for a great start of a new day!” Everybody who´s interested in getting to know more about this young man and his brand new store should visit The Fietsen Shop in Passeio do Adamastor 6-D, Parque das Nações, Lisboa to get an appointment or just have a coffee and talk about cycling.