Portugal... the new California of Europe

Novembro, 2021

In a recent article by Los Angeles Magazine, Portugal was named the "California of Europe." 

Portugal's growing start-up scene & recent influx of A-list celebrities such as Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Fassbender, & John Malkovich make it the perfect destination to live that "California lifestyle" for a fraction of the price. 

U.S. emigration to Lisbon and Porto leapt 33% in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

The pandemic allowed for many companies to go remote, causing individuals to reconsider living in high cost of living cities such as San Francisco or Los Angeles since there would no longer be a need for an office commute. 

Portugal touts many advantages, thus creating a mutually beneficial cultural and economic bridge between California and Portugal. 

The country offers many advantageous visa programs run by the government to streamline the process of hiring American workers. There are also tax schemes which make starting a company in Portugal financially beneficial. Aside from all of these work related aspects, Portugal offers arguably the best climate in Europe as well as amazing food, culture, stunning coastlines, and work-life balance. What's not to love? 


We asked our trainee, Nicole, a California native her perspective on Portugal being the "California of Europe," and here's what she had to say: 

"I've been living in Lisbon since 2017, after falling head over heels in love with Portugal during my semester abroad. I'm originally from the Los Angeles area, but attended university in the beachside cities of Santa Barbara and San Diego. While Portugal does share many similarities with California, I think that Portugal offers so many things that California could never offer me. I have found security while living in Lisbon, an amazing international community, affordable higher education, incredible food, and pristine beaches. My favorite part of living in Portugal has been losing the need to rely on a car as a form of transportation. I've become more active since living here, and with improved health I've found myself to be a much happier individual. These small lifestyle changes really do make a huge impact on a person. To me, living in Lisbon, is like living in California minus all the struggles that day-to-day American life brings." 

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