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Junho, 2020

Last 4th of June we kicked off with a new initiative, called Idea Café, where we gather small groups of members to exchange ideas and support each other in the light of Covid-19. This time we focused on the IT sector and other session will follow.

Participants got the chance to briefly present themselves, their business and challenges. The other part of the moderated session was spent on generating ideas for the challenge chosen, which was: "how to better capture new business from a distance". Read here for the outcome.

We hope that new contacts, best practices and ideas may contribute to help businesses of members get back on track. In any case, it is always a chance to meet inspiring people and who knows new business opportunities may arise. Interested to join ? let us know via:

Participants in this session:

Alexander Griekspoor | Founder & Co-Owner Agenda App
André Ribeiro | Strategy Director IG&H
António Figueira | Business Development Executive PACT
Gonçalo Glória | Manager at Novabase
Kasper van der Knaap | Managing Partner at Koos Service Design
Mafalda Gomes | Marketing Assistant and Office Manager at Exaud
Nuno Prata | Owner The Fietsen Shop
Rodolfo Pereira | Managing Director at Noesis Netherlands