Smart Cities Summit

Maio, 2019

Portugal Smart Cities Summit by Green Business Week, which covered Technological Shows, Conferences, Pitch Area, I & D Area and Startups Area, took place this past week in Lisbon. Topics of great relevance to the economy were addressed, such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, electric mobility, information technologies, climate change, sustainability, water efficiency, water and air quality, waste treatment and recycling, biodiversity, creation new companies and new highly qualified jobs, technological incorporation, research and innovation and proposals of strategy with a view to the transfer of knowledge and innovation from the academic and scientific milieu to the business environment, and the realization of new partnerships and business, with a view to smart cities and people’s quality of life. 

The concept of "Smart Cities" encompasses more than mobility, digital or sustainability platforms. The fundamental objective of a Smart City is to incorporate all these areas in order to improve the lives of citizens. So the SMART CITIES SUMMIT PORTUGAL was a site of convergence and marketplace physical creation opportunities. These opportunities related to research and education, and were meant to reflect on the future of the organization of our cities. Members of our Chamber had the pleasure to attend this event and in doing so, managed to gain many new connections for the use of our members.