Social distancing ...but our support for members continues

Abril, 2020

Hopefully you and your families are coping well in these difficult times. We understand that for most companies these are very challenging times - our own organization included.

We want to let you know that you can continue to rely on the support of the team of the Chamber. 

Liaise with other members

One of the suggestions made was for members to have the opportunity to liaise with other members in a similar sector or region via Microsoft Teams. Our first meetings already took place with our members in the hotel /tourism sector, agriculture, IT, construction/engineering and education, and always included legal and/or fiscal experts. More groups will follow and if you are interested in participating, mail us via 

Lobby or network involvement

The questions that arise from these groups are then taken further, either via experts or via the Chamber in the form of a lobby or other. For example, the agriculture group signaled bottle necks in international transport. We are addressing this together with the German Chamber and relevant branch organizations. Another participant suggested that it would be important if accounting rules would permit deferral of the depreciation of investment costs and the costs of internationalization to other years. Guilherme Oliveira Martins of Miranda, a former secretary of state, will formulate a proposal to change the respective decree law that will be send to the Ministry of Finance. Any other suggestions from members to the government are welcome, so please share any relevant thoughts with us.

We also publish useful and updated information on economic relevant measures to diminish the impact of the crisis. Our Board members unite in online meetings to discuss how we can further improve our support to our members. Chairman Nuno Pinto de Magalhães wrote a message to all our members, which you can read here.

Most recently the Chamber has been organizing Idea Café Meetings, which are interactive brainstorming sessions about a certain sector. Within the sector, all participants mention their biggest challenge, after which one of challenges is being discussed by the group. From the feedback we received, we understand the sessions  were regarded as useful and positive experiences by the members. Read here for example the outcome of our session with the Tourism sector. 

Last but not least, the network of Dutch bilateral Chambers in the world is being activated. Hence, we can learn from Chambers in Asia and others. We will try our best to be here for you !

#stay safe #take care