"Summersail" 25% Membership Discount

Julho, 2019

This summer, we are offering the exclusive opportunity of becoming a member of the Chamber for 25% discount. There are a lot of advantages of being a member of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. Besides having access to our broad network that can provide you with multiple business opportunities, here are some of the other benefits our membership offers:  


Access to our Members' Directory:

Here you will find the contacts of all our members, including their activitiy. Via a personal login you get access to a platform, which will provide you with a useful reference framework to obtain services (lawyers, accountants, fiscalists, real estate consultants or other), as well as knowledge. Our team can provide you with the necessary introductions to colleague members who will be most glad to help you.  


Information Documents:

Via an exclusive login code each of our members can access the Information Documents section. Most information is gathered with the help of our members that are specialists in their respective area of industry (personnel exchange, legal, accounting, fiscal issues or other). Among other you can find here procedures on how to start up a company in The Netherlands or Portugal; sending personnel from one country to the other, etc.  


Members' Discounts:

Our members are entitled to a number of discounts. In addition, members can also offer discounts to their fellow members. As a  member you can:

  • Join our events  - mostly taking place in Lisbon, Algarve and Porto
  • Publish business opportunities or strategic news via our website
  • Get in contact with the right people to expand your business
  • Offer and receive discounts on services from the Chamber and its members
  • Get access to useful information via the exclusive Member Login where you can also find the contacts of fellow members 
  • In addition, you are entitled to one hour of free consultancy from our team to get for example support; information; an introduction to experts or potential business partners

And as cherry on the cake:

  • You receive a voucher for our fantastic annual boat trip on the Tagus river in Lisbon with the beautiful sailing vessel Leão Holandês. 


This summer, we are offering the exclusive opportunity of becoming a member of the Chamber for 25% discount, using the code summersail in honor of our member exclusive annual boat trip. This promotion is only valid until the end of July, so contact us via office@ccph.pt to learn more about this opportunity and become a member of our network.