Support and Inspiration for Companies

Abril, 2020

In the context of the Corona Virus, the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce took the initiative to moderate weekly sessions on various topics, to provide members a forum to exchange on their challenges and ideas and supporting each other whilst maintaining the relationship or getting acquainted with new contacts. Our idea was to gather leaders and have them share views and challenges and sessions were held in different sectors.

So far meetings included:

- #1 Hospitality and Tourism

 -#2 Agriculture /horticulture

- #3 Industrial Maintenance and Engineering

- #4 Education

- #5 PME’s

- #6 CEO’s multinationals

- #7 Dutch members

- #8 Energy and Industry

- #9 IT

- #10 Financial services

Future sessions that are being scheduled at present:

-          Follow up for the Hospitality and Tourism industry

-          Algarve region

-      Members in the Netherlands

If you also like to join in our upcoming session, please let us know via
We look forward to seeing you !